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First Comes Love…


Our little dude at 19 weeks 1 day

Then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Although not quite in that particular order for us. If you weren’t aware I’m Pregnant. At this very point in time I’m 21 weeks 4 days (according to my app, that also tells me I only have 18 weeks 3 days to go ahhh) and I’m not going to lie this is my second attempt at writing this post.

I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet, which can be difficult for me, so I apologise in advance. And if anything I wanted to blog about this so I could look back at this really special time and have some sort of log and  also if someone is going through a similar experience they might find some comfort in finding this.

When I pictured myself in pregnancy I always imagined I would sneeze and get pregnant. Its funny because you go so long trying not to get pregnant and then when you decide you are in a stable, loving relationship and you’re both ready its not so easy (well it wasn’t for us).

I actually got pregnant in our first month of trying. I was feeling a little under the weather and then missed my period, low and behold I was pregnant. ‘Man that was easy’ I thought to myself. We got excited and told my mum and started dreaming and making plans for the poppy seed sized foetus we thought was growing inside of me. Sadly however about 6 and a half weeks along, I woke up in the night with a popping sensation and a lot of blood. Sadly I had a very early miscarriage, or what I believe is called a chemical pregnancy, which is where in basic layman’s terms; your body thinks you are pregnant but either the pregnancy doesn’t attach properly or there’s a chromosome issue. We grieved for this loss and it felt like a real defeat, the one thing I believed my body was built for and it couldn’t do it. Not many people talk about these early miscarriages, but they are a loss no matter how early and it still hurts. But after many tears and the support of my partner we got through it.

It took us another 7 months of trying before we finally conceived again. Which felt like a life time, every time my monthly visitor came, it felt like another punch in the gut. However I started to feel really weird, stomach cramps and a fever. I was convinced I was coming down with the flu. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. But after feeling really rough for two weeks, I then suddenly noticed my period was two weeks late. I took a test an low and behold it came back positive. And not just faintly positive like before, those two lines appeared pretty much as soon as I peed on the stick.

I waited until I was 10 weeks pregnant until I went to the GP. Part of this was due to the fact that this was happening right over the christmas period and the other reason was that I was scared and part of me felt like if I acknowledged it, it would come back and bite me in the butt. Anyway I had my first of many blood tests done and found myself a great midwife and entered into this whole overwhelming world of pregnancy.

As well as believing that I would get pregnant in no time, I also naively believed that pregnancy would be a breeze. A time where I could eat whatever I wanted, not have to exercise and I would just have this natural glow from within. Oh how I was wrong. I am so jealous if this was you. To be fair I haven’t had the easiest pregnancy but by no means has it been really complicated (knock on wood). But to start with was the chronic tiredness. I just couldn’t stay awake, that combined with the all day nausea, I felt like I was constantly hungover. Another side effect was the need to pee all the time, I was getting up around 3-4 times a night.

At 13 weeks came some other complications, bleeding. Being pregnant, one of the perks, I thought was not having to deal with periods or bleeding. Oh how wrong was I AGAIN. Now I’ve been told on many occasions, that bleeding can be common in early pregnancy. But with any bleeding I would always get in touch with your GP or midwife. As I said I had my first bout of bleeding at 13 weeks, after having a pretty perfect 12 week scan. I of course freaked out, my midwife was great and was referred for an emergency scan; where I was told baby was fine and healthy and that it might just be a bit of excess fluid that had been pushed out. I tried to put it to the back of my mind and was a huge relief knowing that baby was on track.

Then at 16 weeks I bleed again, this time I had cramping and quite substantial bleeding. I was at work and again panicked. My midwife had me come and see her and she managed to find a strong heartbeat right away. HUGE relief, however she wanted me to go for another scan. In I went again, and again I was told baby was really healthy and they couldn’t see any reason for the bleed. I then to my dismay bleed again the next day, and being a little fed up rang my midwife, who again was awesome. She the referred me to an obstetrician and for another scan. This scan was a little different this time (probably because I was becoming a regular), they checked my cervix which was thankfully closed but they also saw that the placenta was closer than it should be to my cervix and this possibly could be what was causing the bleeding. From then on work were amazing and stood me down from my day job and pretty much put on bedrest, in the hopes that the placenta would move out of the way.

Now here I am 21 weeks along. We had our 19 week scan; where not only did we find out we are expecting a little boy, but also that the placenta had moved to the front of my stomach and away from my cervix. Which was what I was hoping for. Although I have been warned that the placing of my placenta at the front of the stomach can still cause some bleeding. I have been given the all clear to head back to work.

So here I am, just at the beginning and what a story it’s been so far. I know that many go through much more complicated pregnancies than this and I am so grateful to have a baby that is doing well.

I’m learning so much more everyday. Some helpful, some not so much (thanks Dr Google). Pregnancy is a whole new world that I don’t know if I was fully prepared for. All the lingo, classes, what to eat and what not to eat, what to wear, can get a girl all in a tizz. What I’ve found really helpful is joining a Facebook page of other mothers in New Zealand due in the same month. It’s been great, even though I don’t tend to say much just reading the support and love these Mums have for one another is really reassuring. There always seems to be someone with a calming word when panic sets in for someone else.

Anyway I think I’ll leave it there,  If you’ve made it this far I applaud you. I’ve blabbed on much longer than I wanted and this probably isn’t that interesting to many, but it feels cathartic to share all this.

I’ve decided with this free time to try my very best to get this blog back up and running and I promise my next post will be beauty related. I have lots of D.I.Y projects coming up too and of course a wedding to plan. Which I’m wanting to also blog about .

Well thanks for reading,

Bailey xox




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